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This is a hotel and accommodations directory for all of Nicaragua. The information in Nicaragua is notoriously bad and usually out-of-date. We made this site hoping that by making it easy to comment that the community would be able to help collect and add all the vital hotel information for travelers.

If you haven’t been to Nicaragua, or even if you have you will see something interesting in the City/Place pages. Pulling videos, news and pictures from Google and Flickr, it provides some interesting content and an easy way to get a little visual and factual orientation for the various places.

To navigate and find what you want, there are three options:
1. Browse for hotels by locations or by price (menu on the top left.)
2. Use the “Prices and Places Selector” to choose a place and price (menu on the middle left.) Price categories are a bit half-hazard, things change fast, check a few, let us know if something isn’t right.
3. Search for keywords (box on top right.)

Experience the warm people and many activities of Nicaragua!

Comments, Ideas? Send us the info for new entries. Please comment about the hotels you have experience with and keep us up-to-date with new info.

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ometepe volcano


leon church